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My Secret Base QR Code! by vera-san
My Secret Base QR Code!
Hey guys, here's my secret base qr code for ORAS!! Feel free to steal my flag and/or become my pal. I'm still learning how to set everything up so idk if I have a team for you to battle or not but still.

To get to my base:
- Go to Verdanturf town
- Go to Rustsurf tunnel
- upon entering turn left immediately and head out the entrance
My base is on the cliff ^o^

tell me if you have your own codes posted, I'd love to see everyone else's!!
I got Alpha Sapphire a couple of weeks ago!! *o* I was very excited to play it because R/S/E were games I never got to play when they came out, so getting to experience Hoenn in the graphics of XY sounded super great to me.

And it didn't disappoint!! I've loved every second playing this game (well, except maybe all the times I had to try and capture Kyogre, but that's okay :P), especially the secret bases and just getting to explore in general.

I just beat Wallace, so I'm going to go challenge the E4 soon! My team is as follows:

Jojo the Blaziken
Metagross the (shiny!!) Metagross
Marnie the Plusle
Eris the Absol
Clementine the Gardevoir
Derpy the Lombre

I also use Flick the Swellow for flying places (though now that I have the Eon Flute I'm thinking I'm gonna keep him boxed) as well as a Linoone named Lottie, who is my HM slave.

I'll put up the QR code to my base so that you guys can steal my flag if you want, but only after I finish decorating. ^o^

I think one thing I love about ORAS is how it has, well, cutscenes! Most of them are mini cutscenes (like when you encounter Brendan or Wally), but the big ones (like during the Kyogre finale and such) are really impressive and I like them a lot. Makes it feel like I'm more immersed in the story, which is always top priority for me *u*

In other news, I made very little progress on CYB during November :/ I was trying to do it as my NaNoWriMo project but then we had a situation in drama club (we had to perform two weeks earlier than anticipated) and so lots of free time was dedicated to practices and thus I didn't have time to write. Christmas break is coming up though so maybe I can do some then?

ANYWAY! Has anyone gotten OR/AS yet? What's your team? Got a secret base you wanna share? I'm still collecting flags so :eyes:

- Vera

P.S. DON'T FORGET TO GET YOUR EVENT SHINY BELDUM!! It's just one you get via mystery gift/internet so you don't need to go to gamestop! That's the one I used on my team and I love it ^o^
Yooo it just occurred to me that I am friends with very few of my online friends on facebook! (I also have Instagram!!) Not that that's a problem necessarily but if anyone wants to friend me so we can see each other's faces and stuff just note me and I'd be glad to friend you.

If you're one of my older friends though I might not add you just because I don't want my parents to get concerned (I know you guys aren't creepers but THEY have no way of knowing that xD) so if I don't just realize that it's not anything personal ;u; I could probably friend you on Instagram but not FB for that reason.

Anyway!! I took senior pictures today and I'm really pleased with how they turned out, so I'm very happy. ^^ I also got my first acceptance letter on Friday, from one of my top choice colleges, so I'm super excited! I still don't know where I'll be attending but I'm starting to head in the direction as to where I'll figure it out :D

...asking about Facebook was the main reason for this journal, so not much else to report. :'D If you guys have any fun or interesting stuff that you'd like to share feel free!!

- Vera
Cruel Yet Beautiful – Part 10

    Oh, Arceus. I've walked into Rich Person Central. Route 4 is apparently a popular place for Kalos's wealthiest to settle, and I don't doubt it; the road is lined by the fanciest gardens I’ve ever seen, sporting fountains and bushes in the shapes of various Pokémon. 

    At least it's quiet. I haven't seen many other Trainers on the road, so I'm letting my team walk beside me. If there aren't any delays, we should make it to Lumiose by sundown...

    "Miss." I glance down to Remy when I hear him speak. "Those buildings over there. What are they?"

    "Those are rich people's houses," I explain. "I guess you could call them mansions. The folks who live in them are wealthy enough to afford to build really big houses and spend a lot of money, so that's why they're so huge."

    Remy nods thoughtfully. "Do you want to live in a...mansion like that?"

    I shake my head. "Nah. If I had that much money, I'd find better things to spend it on."

    Aimée pokes her head up from a rose bush she was sniffing. "Like what?"

    "Um..." I haven't really thought about that much. Mainly because I don't think I'll ever be rich. "I don't know. I'd probably pay off any important things first, like any debts I had, then treat myself to smaller stuff. Clothes or jewelry if I wanted any." I look at Phoenix, who is trotting beside me with my mp3 player in tow. "I could buy him his own music player."

    "You should do that anyway," Phoenix suggests. Oops. I didn't think he was listening.

    The loud ringing of my Holo Caster interrupts our chat. When I answer it, I'm greeted by a Holo Clip from Shauna.

    "Hiya!" Shauna exclaims cheerfully in her message. "Calem and I are in Lumiose City right now, and we're going to meet up with the Professor tonight. We want to wait for you, though, so if that doesn't work for you let us know."

    The message concludes with a chipper beep and Shauna's image vanishes from the screen. My Pokémon look up at me expectantly. Oh, right. Aimée and Phoenix don't know who Shauna is.

    I explain the whole story to them, starting from the point where I began my journey, and as I do so, I can't help but wonder at Shauna's kindness. Why is she making so much of an effort to reach out? I thought that I was too awkward for her to want to keep hanging around me.

    But I appreciate it. No one ever tried that hard for me back in Hoenn. Maybe I should try a little harder too.
     Lumiose City is overwhelming. When I step through the city gates and into the streets of the city, I admittedly feel a little lost – and completely dazzled. Route 4 had been so calm, and now it’s completely the opposite; there are sounds and lights and distractions everywhere I look. Cars are beeping, signs are flickering, music is playing…how can I expect to meet up with Shauna and Calem when I don’t even know where to begin?
    I don’t bother to hide my relief when I see two familiar faces. Sina and Dexio, the lab assistants who gave me with Remy, are waving me down.

    “Thank goodness you’re here,” I tell them. “I would have gotten completely lost on the way to the lab.”

    “That’s what we’re here for,” Dexio says with a wink. “Let’s go.”


    The Professor’s lab is surprisingly nondescript. Sure, it’s pretty big and looks professional, but it seems out of place somehow among all the glamour and glitz of the main streets.

    Shauna and Calem are lingering by the entrance and perk up with I come closer. Calem smiles and Shauna waves enthusiastically.

    “Thanks for waiting for me, guys,” I say. “I really appreciate it. Have you met the Professor yet?”

    “That’s what we’re going to do now that you’re here,” Shauna says. She rocks impatiently on her heels. “Let’s go!”

    “The Professor is ready for you anytime,” Sina says. “Follow us.”

    Together, we walk into the lab. It’s much shinier on the inside; from its exterior I would have assumed that it was an older building, but everything I see seems new.

    “We’ll fetch the Professor for you now,” Sina tells us. “Please wait a bit.”

    They disappear into an elevator and the three of us are left alone. I decide that I want to be the one to engage conversation first.

    “So,” I say. “Did either of you battle Viola at Santalune on the way here?”

    “I did,” Calem says immediately, though Shauna shakes her head. “Did you?”

    “Heck yeah I did. I won, too! Did you get a badge?”

    “Mmhmm.” Calem fishes a badge case out of his bag and shows me his Bug Badge. “I also got some new Pokémon on the way over. Have you expanded your team at all?”

    I show him the three Pokeballs attached to the strap on my bag. “My dad sent me a Torchic from Hoenn,” I explain. “So I didn’t officially catch him. But I got a Pikachu on Route 3.”

    Calem’s eyes light up. “A Torchic! I’ve never seen a real one before. Could I have a look?”

    I’m about to let Phoenix out of his Pokeball when the elevator door opens, so we immediately stop talking. A tall man in his early 30’s with wildly wavy black hair practically leaps from the elevator and hurries toward us with a jaunty stride. He’s wearing a long white lab coat over a purple shirt, but the sleeves are rolled up and it doesn’t seem to look as formal as one would typically expect.

    “Bonjour, bonjour!” the man exclaims, and I can already detect his light French accent. “I’m so glad to meet you. I am Professor Augustine Sycamore. Please, come with me!”

    This is the esteemed Professor Sycamore? I knew he was young, but I wasn’t expecting him to look so…fabulous. Still, it’s hard not to feel excited around him.

    “Thank you so much for coming,” Sycamore says as we pile into the elevator. “I invited you here tonight to check up on how you’re doing. Are you enjoying your journeys? Do you have any questions?”

    “It’s been amazing so far!” Shauna exclaims. “We’re really glad to have this opportunity!”

    “Yes, thank you for picking us for the program,” Calem says. “We know that there was a lot of competition.”

    Sycamore shakes his head. “There’s no need to thank me,” he says. “I chose each of you for a specific reason. You got here through your own accomplishments, not mine.”

    The elevator stops and we walk out. We’ve gone all the way to the roof, which I wasn’t expecting. From here, I can see a sea of lights and buildings, and though it’s bright I can still make out the stars that are just starting to come out in the night sky.

    It’s breathtakingly beautiful, but I don’t think that’s why the professor brought us up here. Calem, Shauna and I glance at each other as Sycamore ponders his words.

    Finally Sycamore speaks. “As you know, my research focuses on Mega Evolution. Do you know what that is?”

    “Not really,” Shauna admits. “I just know it’s a special kind of Pokémon evolution…”

    “Correct!” Sycamore exclaims. “It’s very mysterious, and we know very little about it. I know there’s a lot to discover about Mega Evolution, but now that I’m becoming an established professor, I have less time to travel the region as I would like.

    “That’s where you come in. I want you to do what YOU want to do on your journeys, and I want you to follow your own dreams, but if you find the opportunity, please do what you can to learn about Mega Evolution; not just for my own benefit, but for yours as well. If the mysteries of Mega Evolution can be solved, it could be the key to an exciting new way of life for Pokémon and their Trainers. And anything that makes someone’s life better is worth pursuing in my eyes.”

    “Of course we will,” Calem says. “We owe it to you for allowing us the opportunity.”

    Sycamore smiles. “One more thing. I may be a professor, but I've done a lot of travelling in my lifetime. When doing so, I encountered many different ways of living and thinking that were different from my own. But even if you don’t always agree with what others think or do, just try to be kind and relate to where they’re coming from and it will broaden your horizons.”

    I wait for him to say more, but he doesn’t, so I say, “Wow, thanks, Professor. That was really well-said.”

    He laughed. “I hope so! I thought it out a lot beforehand.” He glances at his watch. “It’s getting late; I don’t mean to keep you for too long. You should probably go check into a Pokémon Center for the night, but before you do, I have gifts for each of you.”

    He digs into the pockets of his lab coat and pulls out three Pokeballs and three Pokedexes. “Here are your Pokedexes, as well as three Kanto starters. I know I already gave you the Kalos ones, but I think these Pokémon will benefit from a journey just as much as you will benefit from their company. Please, take one.”

    I let Shauna and Calem choose before me this time, so when I pick the last one from Sycamore’s hand I have no idea what I’m going to end up with. Judging by the leaf insignia on the front, though, I can assume that I got Bulbasaur. Cool!

    “Thanks for listening,” Sycamore says. “I’ll show you downstairs.”


    As we enter the lobby again, Calem taps me on the shoulder. “Hey. I need to talk to you.”

    About what? Did I do something wrong? “What—”

    “Look over there!” Shauna says suddenly in a harsh whisper. “Who’s that?”

    I look to where she’s pointing. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before; a tall, muscular, well-dressed man is standing by the entrance, conversing with the secretary at the front desk. His most notable feature is his shocking orange hair spiked up in a wild flare upon his head.
    I don’t mean to stare, but he just looks so bizarre. “Maybe we should talk to him. He looks like he could have some interesting stuff to say.”

    He looks our way as I say that and seems to notice us for the first time. “Are you Augustine’s chosen children?”

    Um. Are we?

    "Yes,” Calem says, stepping forward to shake the man’s hand. “We’re the three who were selected for the program. I’m Calem Xavier. This is Shauna Soll and Madeline Maddox.”

    "The man shakes all of our hands. “It is a pleasure to meet you, truly. My name is Lysandre. Augustine has taught me much about Pokemon; I hope to use that knowledge to help everyone I can."

    "Those are pretty noble ambitions," Calem notes. "Does that mean you're trying to learn more about Mega Evolution like the Professor?"

    "Yes," Lysandre says. "In fact, I've invested a lot of money into research for it. I hope that someday we can harness the secrets of Mega Evolution to create a beautiful world."

    "That's an awesome dream," I say. "But it's pretty broad, isn't it? How can just one person impact the world that much?"

    "Oh," he says, and he smiles, "there are many, many ways."

    To be continued.
Cruel Yet Beautiful: X Nuzlocke p10

This chapter is particularly long, sorry about that! But now that I'm not doing pictures it'll be easier for me to put out chapters.

I'm going to try and go for weekly updates if I can keep up. Stay tuned!

    Pokemon X belongs to Nintendo blah
    Writing and art belongs to me blah

    <<< Part 9
    Part 11 >>>
Hey guys! I finished all of my college applications and turned them in; now all there is to do is wait. That means that I now have extra time to work on the stuff I want to work on, such as person projects like CYB!

My vision of having a writing nuzlocke with illustrated pictures for every chapter probably isn't going to work out like I wanted because the pictures take so long for me to do. So I've decided that I'll continue uploading chapters without pictures, but I'll do pictures for really significant or cool scenes so that I can still keep some of the 'illustrated' aspect of it. Are you guys ok with that? The pictures weren't that great anyway but I liked doing them and I felt they made reading the chapters a little easier on the eyes but I think if I can still do some occasionally it'll be ok.

I'm still busy but now that the college apps are done I feel like I have a huge load off of my mind 8D I've been working on them pretty hard for the past couple of weeks so I'm really glad to put them behind me aha.

What about you guys? Been up to anything exciting? Are any of you doing NaNoWriMo this year? I'd love to see how you guys are doing, I've gotten far too inactive on this site ;u;

- Vera


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
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The above ID was made by my amazing friend linkieoftermina <3


My (nick)name is Vera, and I'm 17! Writing, art and music are my passions. I really love cats, and oreos are my favorite food.

I consider myself decent at art and writing, but obviously I have a lot to improve on, so I'm always open for critique. ^^

That's really all you need to know about me. Have fun browsing through my gallery and profile!



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