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Title says it all :P

2015 has been a whirlwind of a year for me, that's for sure!! It's weird thinking that a year ago I was still in high school and had no idea where I was going to college yet. Now I've graduated high school, completed my first semester of college (with A's!! I'm so happy you have no idea sdfghj) and all of that just feels so far away.

For me, this year has been huge with college and everything, and it's been pretty big for the rest of the world too! What with gay marriage being legalized in the US, the upcoming presidential elections, etc. etc. I can't wait to see what 2016 holds; hopefully lots of good things!!

I still don't know what I'm doing with my life yet...that's a bit of a problem...x_x I  hope I have a better idea by the end of 2016. I do have some ideas...I'm hoping to snag a summer job or internship with a casting agency (there's several in/near Boston and nearby cities) because casting is something I've become interested in and I'd like to see how it works! I'm also going to be voice acting in a video game that should be coming out next year, but I'll talk more about that when it's closer to coming out :D

Anyway, my main resolution this year is just to work on improving myself as a person and learning from the others around me! (And hopefully keep getting good grades xD)

Happy new year everyone!!

- Vera
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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 by vera-san
In the daytime, I'm Marinette. Just a normal girl, with a normal life. But there's something about me one knows yet. Cuz I have a secret! x

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! The Christmas picture didn't happen because I was too busy playing Super Mystery Dungeon so I decided to make a New Year's picture instead!! I've gotten into Miraculous Ladybug recently, a French tv show that just started airing in English in the US! It's really cute and sort of combines the magical girl and superhero genres.

The animation is pretty good, and the characters always look so bouncy and full of movement, which inspired me to attempt a more dynamic pose...xD Clearly I have some work to do, but I like how this one turned out! In my anime class we watched a documentary about Studio Ghibli and they talked about how they'll often exaggerate the poses to create a more fantastical sense of movement. That's something I'd like to try, even if I'm just doing drawings and not animation o: I tried to exaggerate the pose a bit here but idk if I succeeded...I hope it's still clear that she's falling/jumping...xD

Anyway! I hope 2016 is a good year for everyone!! Here's to the end of 2015 and the beginning of a great new year!
and I need to talk about it!!

(this is going to be discussing just about everything about the game so don't read if you want to avoid spoilers!!) SUPER SPOILER WARNING

So...I've never felt more conflicted about a game in my life xD I've never encountered a game that did so many good things and bad things simultaneously. Overall I really did enjoy it and I had a lot of fun playing it, which I suppose is what matters most in the end, but there were quite a few parts of it that I just can't ignore!

I'll start with the good things:
Graphics -- THIS GAME IS BEAUTIFUL. The cutscenes are gorgeous, the overworld looks great and some of the dungeons were FANTASTIC I just loved looking at this game aaah

Music -- THE MUSIC IS ALSO REALLY GREAT. So many new tracks but also some throwbacks to older tracks and the Jukebox is awesome *u*

Gameplay -- the gameplay and dungeon mechanics have DRASTICALLY IMPROVED. The dungeons are more difficult for sure but the team AI is so much better. Plus, although the player has to rely far more on items (or at least I did) the dungeons also GIVE more items to make it fair.

Quiz/Pokemon Selection -- PSMD did a great thing by giving us both the quiz AND the chance to choose our own Pokemon at the beginning. There isn't much more to say about it, it was a good move xD

The Partner -- ...all of my opinions are subjective but this one is ESPECIALLY subjective because I can also see how someone would find the Partner very annoying xD I for one liked how this partner seemed a little bolder and more exuberant than the past Partners. Not that I loved the others any less, but this was a good change of pace :D

BUUUT there's also plenty of bad things, mainly plot-related bad things, that could make or break the game for some people.

Pacing -- my gosh, is the pacing horrible in this game. The story progressed steadily enough for the Hero and the Partner's relationship but every so often there would be a random snippet of the overall grand plot that interrupted it and it just felt spread out really weirdly?? and then the plot moved VERY QUICKLY near the end?? and it felt like it all just came out of nowhere?? They could have easily spread out the pacing better by introducing stuff earlier in the game and then having it progress better but the last quarter or maybe third of the game just felt like a big plot dump compared to the rest of it.

Plot Devices/Twists -- this is a big one for me. There were several times when the story downright reused parts directly from Explorers, but it didn't work so well this time. Some examples are the betrayal of a Pokemon we trusted, being sent to a darker alternate world, having a Pokemon sacrifice themselves in order to get you back to save the world, etc. etc. That, and the timing of these twists was less than stellar. I WILL say that the ending of having the PARTNER disappear instead of you was a great twist I didn't see coming. But that was offset by the sudden "lol oh yeah I'm mew apparently" thing that COMPLETELY took away from the emotional impact of the moment, imo. Had the mew thing been revealed maybe in the finale or just before, that would have been better. Instead, I was feeling so surprised by the revelation that I couldn't even feel sad when he floated away xD

Age of protagonists -- I felt like making the hero and partner children wasn't necessary to the plot and in fact I think they should have left it ambiguous like in past games :'x Having them be children made it far less believable for them to be able to progress through these tough dungeons and be part of the Expedition Society. And since they managed to do these things despite their age anyway, why not just leave it ambiguous? idk idk

The OP connections -- the connection orb was a neat idea, except that it was easy to end up with level 50 pokemon or so on your team pretty early on, which was weird xD Seems like some of them should have been left for post-game.

Bosses -- most of the bosses didn't end up being plot-related??? the beedrill, the poliwrath bros, etc. etc. And then some weren't even included on the save menu :'/ Also I'm not sure if I like the idea of having the big bad be...not a Pokemon xD Small nitpick there but gates to infinity did this too and it's like, guys, come on. It's a Pokemon game, let's make some Pokemon responsible :P

World -- uh, this one is an entirely personal preference, but somehow the world just didn't...FEEL like a pmd game?? I mean I can't speak for gates to infinity because I didn't play it so idk what it was like but in past games the Pokemon towns and whatnot felt more like something Pokemon could have actually constructed. When you throw in the fancier buildings and more advanced technology it starts feeling a little ridiculous xD This one's just me, though.

Overall, though, the biggest issue was the aforementioned plot and pacing issues :/ Since pmd players are usually in it for the story, it's sort of a big deal with the story fails to deliver, and Super Mystery Dungeon kinda did and kinda didn't :/ On one hand, near the end of the game when everything was picking up, it was great! On the other hand, it took SO LONG to get to that point, and then once it did it recycled a lot of the previous things used in Explorers.

ANYWAY as I said before I did enjoy it and I liked it a lot but I felt like the story could have benefited from being rewritten a couple more times before being sent out :P To anyone who's played it, what did you think?

- Vera
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eyy I'm Vera and I'm 18! I'm a college student who loves video games, creative writing, drawing, and cats.


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