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Well, duh :P College-level work has been quite a step up from high school but I'm keeping up so far. I've been super busy and haven't had a lot of free time -- not even for video games. Tragically, the latest episode of Life is Strange came out and I can't even play it until this weekend asdfghjkl;

I also have a big French midterm on Friday that I'm worried about u__u I hope I can ace it! It's an oral exam that involves both a presentation (without notecards, augh) and a conversation with my instructor so there's a lot to prepare for. I really want to ace it but at this point I may have to lower my expectations xD
Anyway, this is just a check-in journal more than anything. I'm alive. xD I've had some interesting adventures while at school so I've been thinking about making a webcomic about the little happenings here and there. Nothing big, just hastily-drawn doodles whenever something funny or interesting happens. I might do that if the homework doesn't kill me if I find time!

That's it for now. Hope you all are doing well! :heart:
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Umbrella Girl by vera-san
Umbrella Girl
Here's the OC I made for my anime class! She's a magical girl named Karin. Her umbrella is her magical weapon; she can use it as a shield from magic attacks, as a parachute of sorts,(think Mary Poppins), as a sword or just for its usual practical purpose of keeping one dry from the rain :P Though she is Japanese, her family ends up moving to America when she's a teenager and she ends up teaming up with the local American superheroes to help them fight crime. When she was in Japan, though, she was part of a team of magical girls who also had typical household objects as weapons (what these objects are is yet to be determined, however xD)

I had the idea for a magical girl OC for awhile now, mainly for a superhero story that has yet to happen. In my head she's a bit of a grump but I didn't want to turn in a grumpy character for the assignment so I tweaked her a little :P

Hopefully the professor already graded it because I don't want her to find my deviantart if she uses image search but OH WELL
Suddenly I have, like, 4-7 people giving me llamas daily o_o am I on some llama-giving list?

Anyway, classes have officially started, and so far everything's going well. Two of my classes don't meet up until next week, so I have yet to experience those, but the two I've gone to so far have been great. The first one is a French class that's fun but challenging, so I'm going to have to work hard. The other is...well...

It's called Anime in Global Popular Culture.

I'm taking it because it *actually* meets one of my gen ed requirements. not because I'm a total weeb what are you talking about



lmao by vera-san


If the course hits the enrollment limit before "shopping week" (our time to figure out classes) ends, there may have to be a lottery and if that happens I may be the unlucky schmuck who isn't able to take it. assuming I do get to stay in it though, I'll still be doing the assignment in order to stay on top of things. I'll be sure to post the character on here once it's done :P

So far the workload doesn't seem too bad, but ask me again in a few weeks once all classes are in full swing and that may change :P I mean, I still have two more classes to take and things are starting slowly, so we'll see.

But I've made a bunch of friends, my roommate is rad, and I'm really enjoying my time here. So I think I'm off to a good start. I hope the school year has been treating all of you well too :D Taking any weird or interesting classes?

- Vera
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it's been almost a month since I've updated...again...xD

I'm at school (just moved in today) and this whole next week will be orientation stuff and basic welcome hoopla. I'm nervous and slightly intimidated but also super excited and my roommate is nice and so far everything is good :D

idk how much time I'm going to have for...anything...but give me a month once classes start and we'll see :D

Anyway...just wanted to make a new journal/life update I guess :P I'm not dead! When I have some downtime I'd like to draw some fanart of some games I've been into lately but school, of course, comes first.

It's back to school for a lot of people besides me, so if you have any interesting/funny/venting stuff to share, feel free! I'll always listen :)

- Vera
  • Mood: Excited
Simple by vera-san
ugggh this is gonna sound so cheesy


This summer has made me think a lot. It's been an interesting transition period from the end of high school into college -- into an amazing school that I would never in a million years have thought I could have gotten into, no less. If anything, I'd say it's been filled with anticipation for the coming year -- I'm excited, of course, but I'm also super nervous about how I'm going to perform, and I've been reflecting on myself a lot.

As I get ready to leave for school, I've been realizing: I am so, so blessed. In a little over a week I'm heading to one of the best colleges in the world. I have a loving family that supports me and financial stability. I have awesome friends, a roof over my head, and even the money to spend on other luxuries like games and etc. I have my problems but I have so many blessings to make up for them that they seem pretty manageable.

I have so much going for me and I'm grateful for it. I have so many opportunities now and I'm going to try and take advantage of them as best as I can. I'm so excited about Harvard and for the opportunities I'll have, and it's up to me to earn the right to those opportunities. I'm going to have to work harder than I've ever worked before but I think it's going to be a great experience and I absolutely can't wait. let's hope I don't flunk out lol

So anyway, sorry for the personal stuff, but this is brand new territory and I'm just really looking forward to what lies ahead.

This picture is my first drawing in FireAlpaca. It's a great free art program that's a lot like SAI. I recommend it!
also this pic is called 'simple' bc I was listening to the Silver Linings Playbook soundtrack and yeah
also my style has gotten even MORE cartoony than before, if that's possible


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United States

eyy I'm Vera and I'm 18! I'm a college student who loves video games, creative writing, drawing, and cats.


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I used to have commissions open but I'm just too busy! So now this donation pool is only here in case anyone wants to donate out of the goodness of their hearts :P

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